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UI/UX engineer with 6+ years of experience designing and building products and teams. Always learning.


  • Fullname: Arjunlal B
  • Birth Date: January 11, 1991
  • Current Role: Founding Engineer @ Traceable.ai
  • Website: www.arjunlal.in


  • Angular, TS/JS, HTML, CSS
  • UI / UX Design
  • Building products & teams
  • React, DustJS

In my previous life as a Full Stack Engineer, I worked extensively with Java, Scala, Python, Play Framework, AWS, Redis, MySQL, Jenkins and various other tools/technologies.


More of my credentials.

Work Experience

Founding Engineer

April 2020 - Present


Building something awesome. Check out Traceable and Hypertrace

Stack: Angular, Typescript/Javascript

Member of Technical Staff - Frontend

Jan 2019 - April 2020


Frontend engineer in the Cloud Data Management product UI team. First engineer in the India/Bangalore UI team for the product. Built features that make data management easy for our users.

Stack: Angular, Typescript/Javascript

Software Engineer

Nov 2017 - Jan 2019


Worked as a Full Stack Engineer in the Trust Engineering team at LinkedIn.

Stack: Javascript, Java, DustJS, Ember, React

Member of Technical Staff

July 2015 - Nov 2017


Worked as a Full Stack engineer in the Dashboard team at Bloomreach. Designed, built and maintained multiple user facing tools as well as backend infrastructure.

Stack: AngularJS, Javascript, Java, Scala, Python


Master Degree

Aug 2013 - May 2015

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras

Obtained my Master of Technology (M.Tech) degree in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE).
Master's thesis title : An efficient hash tree based forward secure signcryption scheme.
Some of the courses I took include Advanced DSA, Artificial Intelligence, Concurrent Programming, Real Time Computing & Communication, and Cryptography

Bachelor Degree

Aug 2008 - May 2012

Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology (RIT), Kottayam

Obtained my Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree in Computer Science and Engineerg (CSE). Did multiple projects on compilers.
Co-authored and published paper titled ’Compiler based approach to estimate software reliability using metrics’ in IEEE India Conference - INDICON 2011.

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